April 06th, 2013


A great day to be alive! Hope everyone is blessed and enjoying life to the fullest! Just want to say thank you to all who have helped and supported me on this journey of writing. You are the best!
Now, an update on The Legends of Arth: Book Two
Working title is: Daedalus Rises
Current word count is about 50,000
Expected finish count about 90-100,000
Hope to finish it soon! There are two more books to follow right behind, continuing the story of Raven and Le-thon and their adventures as they struggle to once and for all rid the lands of evil! 
In my next blog I'll post a few excerpts from Book Two.
Have an awesome week!
Randy Massey

The Next Book


Well, I have started the next book, or should I say books? Yes, a trilogy to be exact! The story of Raven, Le-thon, and all the rest continues on for the next seven years. There is still much evil doings going on in the Land of Arth, and it must be eradicated so all good peoples can live in peace. Watch for future notes, both here and on my Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/RandyMasseyAuthor . 



Did anyone check out the Summoner pics that are now up? If so, what do you think?

Hero or Heroine?


In a fiction fantasy story, do you, the reader, prefer a hero or heroine? Or doesn't it really matter?
This is my first blog about some thoughts for future story lines for the Legends of Arth. Currently I am working on a three book series that follows directly after The Summoner. In that book an evil field general of the horrible overlord N'atax is mentioned. N'atax's death leaves him as the new "bad guy", and he has foreseen this for many years as a possibility. Now that it is a reality, Daedalus has great plans that he has set in motion. Nothing less than total domination of all the peoples of Arth will satisfy him!


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